Walt Disney World that I was lucky enough discover.

I thought I would reflect back on something very nice at Walt Disney World that I was lucky enough discover. I was at the Magic Kingdom back in 1994, browsing around Main Street, when I wondered into the Disneyana Store (I miss that place). It turned out to be perfect timing. A lady was sitting up a table and a sign that said an animator would be doing twelve sketches free in about three hours.
As it turns out, Harry Holt was coming to spend a few moments at the Disneyana and sign some sketches for a few fans. I hopped right in line and stood there for almost three hours. The Castmembers were very nice though and gave me a red card so my Dad and I could trade places, allowing the other to walk around Main Street. Once he arrived, we each were allowed to choose a sketch from the many Disney Animated films he did. I, of course, chose Lady and the Tramp and I still love it to this day.
Harry Holt was with the Walt Disney Company since 1936, where he worked on the development of Snow White. He left Disney after 20 years to work on projects such as the Flintstones and Tom and Jerry, then returning to Disney in the 1960s once again. He was responsible for sculpting and designing many of the characters and models for Walt Disney World, for rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Country Bears, Snow White, Peter Pan and the Haunted Mansion.
He passed away about ten years to the day that I met him, and though he is no longer with us, his creations will inspire people for years to come. I do remember how nice he was and how he enjoyed talking to his fans, it was a magical moment for me that I will forever remember.
Always keep an eye out when you’re walking around, for you never know who or what you may find that will create a lasting memory for you as well.

The Magic of Visiting Other Disney Resorts

I have written before about the all the perks and Magic of staying "In Disney". I even wrote about the "extra" Magic of staying in a DVC Villa. And today, as I sit here and start to think about my upcoming Disney Trip, I find myself thinking about the wonderful Disney Resort Hotels and all the Unknown Magics that can be found around them.
I was thinking this morning about going to the Wilderness Lodge, and how I'd like to just relax by walking around the grounds. To be
able to walk by the waterfall that fills the pool and starts inside the lobby of the resort, would be wonderful today. Or maybe even wander over to Fire Rock Geyser, and see the amazing beauty of this "natural" wonder.
But there are other resorts that aren't Disney Vacation Club Resorts that I would like to see this visit also. I'd like to see the Art of Animation Resort for the first time. The pictures I have seen on line and the articles I have read about it, make it a definite stop on this year's trip. We are also
planning on going to the All-Star Sport, resort, as my son John is going to be staying there next year on his senior class trip and we figured we'd go scout it out. We will also be going to the Coronado Springs Resort at least for a meal or two (the Pepper Market is one of our favorites and we are eating at the Maya Grill one evening).
Of course any of the resorts are great places to relax and find some entertainment. The Boardwalk has roaming entertainers nightly and there is usually a piano player in the lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort. During our upcoming trip we are planning on going to the Port Orleans Riverside Resort and catch a show by Bob Jackson. He is their resident performer and performs Wednesday through Saturday. We have never had the pleasure of seeing his show, but are really looking forward to it.
Another new place we are going to eat for the first time, is the California Grill. This is one of the meals I booked, not for the meal, but for the experience after the meal. I planned our reservation to coincide with the Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom, since the view from the restaurant overlooks the park. I'm hoping to share this great viewing area with my wife and son, after a great meal.

These are just some of the many Unknown Magics I am looking forward to.  I hope this gives you an idea of the many things you will be able to enjoy on your trip also.

Como Usar o my Disney Experience

À procura de uma maneira de começar a planejar suas férias? Não procure mais O My Disney Experience app tem tudo o que você quer começar. Rápido e fácil em casa ou na edição de programa em movimento em suas pontas do dedo. Instruções detalhadas para tudo e qualquer coisa dentro da área do Walt Disney World Resort. É certamente a melhor maneira de aproveitar ao máximo suas férias.

My Disney Experience

Como usar o My Disney Experience – Passo-a-passo completo sobre o aplicativo da Disney

O aplicativo My Disney Experience abre a porta para o Magic Your Way que o Walt Disney World Resort tem a oferecer. Ele está configurado para tornar suas férias memoráveis, pois fornece instruções passo-a-passo ao redor do Walt Disney World Resort. Visite mydisneyexperience.com ou para uma experiência mais móvel que você pode ter em suas pontas do dedo, você vai querer baixar o aplicativo para o seu telefone inteligente. É ótimo para editar seus planos em qualquer lugar.

5 Things to Bring on Your Trip to Disney

Packing for a family for a trip to Disney can be exciting and confusing if you are not sure what all to bring. This will depend on how many are in your family, the ages of your children and whether you're flying or driving. There are a few key items to bring with you no matter how you get to Disney.
 First make sure you have comfortable shoes for everyone that is walking. This is an absolute must. Sore feet are no fun when you have much more to see at the parks everyday. Be sure to have those broken in shoes that you don't have to worry about rubbing blisters on your feet. This is not the time to break in a new pair of sneakers. Go for comfort.
 Be sure to have insurance cards with you. While no one wants to have think about having to visit the hospital or doctor while on vacation it does happen. This will be much easier if you have copies or the cards with you so that if it does happen you are ready.
 Plan for the weather. During the summer storms can creep up in the afternoons sometimes on a regular basis. Be prepared for it and keep a small rain poncho with you. Most times you can find them to fit in a fanny pack or in your pocket. If you all can find one of the same color that helps you keep up with your family in the crowds. This also means that you may want to pack a variety of clothes if you are coming during the cooler months. For example, if you come at Christmas time sometimes shorts are great and other times you may need warmer clothes and a jacket. If summer is your time to visit, typically shorts and t-shirts are fine. Just remember to consult what’s going on so you know how to better pack.
 Remember to bring extra clothes during the park trips for the kids. There are some rides and other areas in certain parks that your children can enjoy splashing in the water or you just get plain soaked from the rides. Having extra clothes on hand reduces the need to go to the hotel to change and also helps your children keep on enjoying the park. No one likes to walk around in soaked clothes. You can easily pack these in a little Ziploc bag so that they do not get wet if you are on the ride too.
 A fanny pack or backpack is a necessity. This is especially important for those with little ones that need extra items throughout the day. The parks will check all bags and items before going in so be sure to have them open and ready to be inspected. Also check to see what is allowed in the park before going in. This helps reduce your time in line and reduces the risk of being sent back with items you can’t have. No one wants to have to throw away food.
 These are just a few items to have with you on your next trip to Disney. Be sure to check the sites for items that are not allowed in the parks or on the planes to reduce complications.

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